‘Heartbreaker Trilogy’ Free Update Coming To Pistol Whip This Week

Cloudhead Games announced three new levels and two new modifiers are coming to Pistol Whip in a free update dubbed the ‘Heartbreaker Trilogy’, and they may be here in the next few days.

Pistol Whip has consistently received free updates adding new content to the game, with 5 new levels added since launch. This new Heartbreaker Trilogy update will add three levels that involve less “face-melting music for the fighters” and more chilled out action “for the lovers.”

In the tweet below, Cloudhead pointed towards a hint about the pack’s release date, highlighting lyrics from one song that include the words “before September”.

That makes it kind of obvious, right? We should have the pack this time next week.

This update was first announced at our UploadVR Summer Showcase earlier in the year, with a tentative August release date. Now with just a few days left in the month, we still don’t have an exact date, but Cloudhead teased that the update is “almost here” and will arrive before September. We got a sneak peek at one of the three levels, called Ember, featuring enemies doing some funky dance moves — a nice change from the serious tone of the existing levels.

The video also reveals the titles of the other two tracks, called Letting Go and Another Day. The update will add two new modifiers to the game as well, but we’ve got no further details on those for the moment.

Pistol Whip launched on PSVR last month, but it looks like PlayStation players will have to wait a bit longer for the Heartbreaker Trilogy to drop — Cloudhead indicated that the update will drop “shortly after” on PSVR, with some “PSVR specific considerations.”

As announced at our showcase, this isn’t the end of the road for Pistol Whip content this year either — in Q4, Cloudhead will launch “The Concierge” update. This will be the biggest content addition for the game since launch and will be split over two updates. They will introduce new weapon types, new enemy types and a “cinematic action campaign” for all the new content.

The Heartbreaker Trilogy update will be available for Pistol Whip on PC VR and Oculus Quest sometime this week.

Credit: ‘Heartbreaker Trilogy’ Free Update Coming To Pistol Whip This Week