‘Magicians In VR’ Event In AltspaceVR Will Feature Talks And Live Magic

A new event in AltspaceVR, called ‘Magicians in VR’, will see prominent figures come together to virtually “educate, entertain and inspire the immersive content creation community with relevant insights about the art of magic.”

The event is set to take place on Wednesday October 7 in AltspaceVR from 1:00pm PST. The event will discuss how magic can operate in virtual worlds and how the “art of storytelling, understanding audiences, and building relevant and innovative impossibilities” applies to magic in VR.

The aim is to show how digital magic in a virtual world can provide a sense of disbelief just like real world magic, and not just stem from amazement at the technology behind it. The experience will also offer some perspective on the ‘live theater’ aspect of magic, and how this can be applied to VR experiences “magic thought leaders” will lead the event, including Adam Cheyer (co-founder of Siri and Viv Labs), Curtis Hickman (CCO and co-founder of The Void), Simon Pierro (a digital magician) and Laura Mingail (event creator and founder of Archetypes & Effects).


Cheyer is a magician himself, and hosted a weekly magic show called “Viv Labs Friday Magic” that featured magic professionals like David Blaine. Likewise, despite co-founding location-based VR company The VOID, Hickman is also an award-winning magician and professional illusionist. Each of the four thought-leaders will bring their own perspectives on the intersections of magic, technology and storytelling, plus some live magic will be on display as well.

Those interested in the event can sign-up for the event over on the Altspace website now.

Credit: ‘Magicians In VR’ Event In AltspaceVR Will Feature Talks And Live Magic